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Meanwhile, the change agent performance had non significant correlation with Gapoktan performance. Most of variable both internal and external factors had a positive and significant relation to each others. For agricultural extension agents, performances are indicators of how well they do the job. The objectives of this research were to determine the level of performances of agricultural extention agent and factors affecting them. A survey technique was implemented among 111 agricultural extension agents who were graduated from UT and among 88 farmers in four different locations, namely Serang, Karawang, Cirebon, and Tanggamus. By using In depth interview, a qualitative information were also used in order to elaborate the findings.

Typically the training and help produce competence the introduction of entrepreneurship in phrases of knowledge in addition to skills inside the lifestyle of a time. In extension culture, the innovation launch for goals will be the important think specifically if the innovation had right with goals desired and its program to raising typically the goals welfare. This specific study aimed to be able to explains the angler innovativeness level in addition to the adopter typical category. The place were choosen together with purposively in Kecamatan Palabuhanratu, Kabupaten Sukabumi, Jawa Barat. Typically the population all together are just about all fisherman in Palabuhanratu, and 37 angler are chosen at random as study selections. Data collection is usually using survey approach, and are revealed quantitivelly by often tabulation and club chart.

It was recommended that along with the purposes of promoting tourism and the fishermen quality of life, learning programs that were created based upon the particular fishermen’s problems plus needs were needed. The programs can include hospitality coaching, eco-tourism, and travel and leisure management. In addition , dexterity amongst the anglers groups, local authorities, non government business, and sector included in these actions was required to enhance the performance from the tourism service. Creating the capacity associated with the poor maqui berry farmers that were residing in two near-forest villages in Ujung Jaya sub-district, District of Sumedang, West Java was one of the activities accomplished to help such farmers raise indigenous Garut sheep. These types of activities included upon site farmer coaching, monthly farmer conference, supervision and some other backstopping supports.

Kruskal-Wallis Test and U Mann-Whitney Test were applied to analyze the data sample. The result of the research showed that the perception of the farmers on most of AI’s aspects are significantly different among locations of the research, with the exception of the phenotipe of breed cattle and the artificial insemination services by inseminators.

To be suggested that socialization or extension on AI should be conducted by different approaches to fit the characteristic of internal and external and AI’s perception of the farmers. The objectives of this research were to identify the internal and external factors related to Gapoktan performance and also to analyst the relation among the internal and external factors. The research conducted in March-May 2010 in South Lampung regency Lampung Province, the data were collected by interview technique using questionners to key persons. A number of 184 farmer groups respondents participated were randomized sampling from 20 sample of Gapoktan. Descriptive statistic and rank Spearman Correlation Test from SPSS 17. 00 were used to analize the data. The result showed that internal factors such as farmer group activity, farmer group cohessivity, interaction among farmer group, the structure of Gapoktan’s organization, and leadership had positive and significant correlation with Gapoktan performance.

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This study uses quantitative with survey methods and qualitative methods with in-depth interviews. Respondents in this study amounted to 45 people and are selected by random sampling method. Based on the research results to internal factors that influence is age and external factors that influence is intensity of communication.

This specific researchillustrated both typically the supporting and curbing factors through the local wasted management plan and also identified theproceeding programs for the past 5 yrs. The population regarding this research had been represented by one hundred twenty domestic house wivesas corespondent, addressed found in RW 04. Indocement CSR funds, typically the awareness of UPK managementto be self-employed, creativity and typically the society’s awareness regarding a cleaner surroundings. Meanwhile the suppressing factors are themarketing for the last product and the particular insufficient communications among the stakeholders. Interpersonal cultural environment in addition to Clients perception to be able to the traditional well being services considered since two important factors.

In addition to it consequence, the arrangement of KINAK has both increased the number of farmer and poultries being raised, and exceded social stratification that is regarded as social honor by people around KINAK. It was automatically created by ResearchGate to create a record of this author’s body of work. We create such pages to advance our goal of creating and maintaining the most comprehensive scientific repository possible. In doing so, we process publicly available data relating to the author as a member of the scientific community. Law enforcement and public safety agencies must wrangle diverse data sets – such as data from drones – in their proactive policing operations.

Company development is astrategic step to boost micro entrepreneur income. Nevertheless , LKM ought to consider concerning the degree of target precision, resourceprovivion, and motion development. This study aimed to evaluate the implementation associated with LKM Posdaya Kenanga to microentrepreneur earnings level in Situ Gede Village.